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Fall 2018

Happy Fall!  We have a newly redesigned website so please come and visit us at   This is where you can find our recently developed waste reduction and diversion policy briefing that highlights legislation at the NY State and City level that might impact your business.    

We have been busy this fall including running the the AIANY's Zero Waste Challenge and moderating a panel at Union Square Partnership's first ever Zero Waste Forum.   Read about the forum here and we highlight the impressive results from the challenge below.   

In this issue we highlight:

  • New Bin Labels:  Bin labels, combined with good recycling signage, are important in increasing recycling and reducing contamination 
  • Q&A with Scholes Street Recycling Center  
  • AIANY's Zero Waste Challenge
  • What we are reading
  • Spotlight: Walmart and Burberry advance their zero waste    

New Bin Signage Available


New Think Zero LLC standardized bin labels

We love great labels and signs!  Proper bin labels, combined with clear landfill/incineration signage, containing words and pictures, is the #1 way to improve recycling rates and decrease contamination. That is why we partnered with Recycle Across America to provide our clients with the most recognizable standardized bin labels in the country. The labels feature color-coded backgrounds and clear wording and images depicting accepted items, and have been proven to increase recycling rates by 50%-100%. Contact us to inquire about purchasing labels for your business.


Q&A with Scholes Street Recycling Center 

By Allie Molinaro, Associate

Last month the Think Zero LLC team visited the Scholes Street Recycling Center, owned by Mr. T Carting, to get an inside look at paper, cardboard, and plastic sorting and bailing operations. 

Think Zero LLC interviewed Adam Mitchell, Head of Resource Management and Business Development, about current trends and challenges in the recycling industry.   Learn about what happens to contaminated bags, where they send their recyclables and what are trends that are impacting the market today.  Read the full interview here.

AIA New York Zero Waste Challenge


This summer Think Zero LLC partnered with the American Institute of Architecture-New York to host a 3-month Zero Waste Challenge. Twenty-seven architectural firms and other organizations competed against each other to reduce and divert as much waste as possible in their offices. 


When the challenge finished in early October, the firms had achieved (in aggregate) the following:

  • 6,383 lb reduction in total waste generation per month (10% reduction) 
  • 17,719 lb reduction of refuse (trash) sent to landfill and incineration per month (53% reduction)
  • 11,336 lb increase in monthly diversion (recycling, organics, returned samples etc), a 38% increase
  • 138,397 lb (69 tons) of total waste diverted during the challenge
  • Average diversion rate achieved by all firms over the challenge of 68%, and average diversion rate on final assessment of 76%

For more about the challenge, see our recent press featured in Waste360 and Oculus.

What We are Reading?


The Big Pivot: Radically Practical Strategies for a Hotter, Scarcer, and More Open World by Andrew S. Winston

"This book is chock full of inspiring success stories from major companies who used radical innovation to achieve sustainability. If you are unsure about why environmental sustainability is good for business or struggling to make progress with sustainability goals, this is the book for you. This book has concrete tips and strategies for executives in all industries to become radically sustainable while also increasing the bottom line." 


The Responsible Company: What We've Learned from Patagonia's First 40 Years by Yvon Chouinard and Vincent Stanley

"This is an oldie but goodie.  If you are looking for some inspiration or just curious about Patagonia's journey this is a good read!" 


Spotlight: Zero Waste Initiatives


Walmart aims to achieve zero waste in its US, Japan, UK, and Canada operations by 2025. Their strategy mainly focuses on measuring waste, reducing waste from non-food items and packaging, and reducing food waste through donations and partnerships. Read more here.


Last month Burberry was named the leading luxury brand in the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index. After consumer pushback, the brand also pledged to stop burning unsold products. Read more here.

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