USP Talks "Getting to Zero Waste" During Inaugural Forum

Waste 360 Think Zero Article Union Square Partnership

 Union Square Partnership held its first-ever forum at The New School’s Starr Foundation Hall. Here’s a deeper dive into some of the highlights from the event. 

How Waste Audits Can Help Cities and Businesses

Waste Dive Think Zero Audits help cities and businesses

 Today there is a big push to figure out how to eliminate food waste, but over time, we will have to figure out how to eliminate the other 60% of what we send to landfill as cities aim to get to "zero waste." 

Zero Waste NYC - Implications for Businesses

Think Zero Triple Pundit Article Waste Implications Businesses

The OneNYC plan targets diverting more than 3 million tons from landfill by 2030. Think Zero LLc Co-Founder Ushma Pandya Mehta explains how to get there.

The Sharing Economy Goes Upscale: Want to Rent My Private Jet?

Forbes Think Zero Sharing Economy

Think Zero LLC Co-Founder Sarah Currie-Halpern shares how the shared economy has emerged in luxury NYC residential buildings.

EPA Sustainable Materials Webinar- Taking on Takeout Waste: New Approaches in New York City

EPA Takeout Waste New York City Think Zero Sustainable packaging

 Sarah Currie-Halpern, Chair of Manhattan’s Solid Waste Advisory Board and Co-Founder of Think Zero LLC, talks about ways that New York City is approaching the topic of takeout waste. 

Our Advice to People Who Want to Make Change is to Build Relationships

Think Zero be Waste Wise Make Change Build Relationships sustainability

Learn what environmental leaders are doing worldwide and how to implement change: an interview with Sarah Currie-Halpern, Co-Founder of Think Zero LLC.