Whether your company is concerned about compliance with local waste regulations, reducing and diverting waste in general, or has made an organizational commitment to Zero Waste, Think Zero LLC can help set and accomplish your waste and materials management goals.

Compliance Assessment Services


It's important for an organization to understand their compliance with local waste regulations. Not maintaining compliance puts the business at risk for fines and other headaches. We will evaluate your organization's waste management process in order to make recommendations on becoming compliant with your local government's waste laws.

Waste Auditing


Understanding your organization's waste generation and streams provides key insights on where you can implement cost-saving and environmental measures. We help you gain an accurate picture of your daily and average monthly waste generation, see a snapshot of the different types of materials in your waste stream, and learn ways to reduce and divert your waste.

Waste Program Design


Reducing waste requires a program that's thorough and easy to implement. We'll design and execute reuse, recycling and/or composting programs in your offices or facilities by working closely with you to outline your company's needs, plan budget accordingly, and determine meaningful waste reduction and diversion goals.

Training and Change Management


Everyone from executives and staff to facilities, cleaning and building management teams need to understand the organization's waste goals. We'll design custom training and change management programs  to engage the entire organization so that they understand the goals, how their behavior needs to change, and why their actions matter. 

Communication Development


Communications about waste reduction and diversion goals and programs is critically important to raise understanding and awareness for these efforts in an organization. We will develop a variety of communications and partner with internal teams to disseminate these materials internally or externally. 

Donation Management


When a company goes through any type of transition, scaling up or down, moving office space, or other, there's typically a great deal of waste. We'll help find organizations who will pick up these goods for donation or recycling to make sure nothing goes to landfill or incineration.