Ushma Pandya Mehta


Ushma has had a lifelong interest in waste reduction.  Before the term "zero waste" was coined, she was raising awareness about consumption and waste with her schoolmates and work colleagues.  Prior to Think Zero, Ushma held senior management roles with American Express, Booz & Co., and Katzenbach Partners.  She has worked on environmental issues with organizations such as the Environmental Defense Fund, the Department of Environment of the City of Chicago, and Acumen.      

Ushma is on the Board of the NYC chapter of New York League of Conservation Voters and was on the Board of Sustainable South Bronx (including overseeing the for-profit subsidiary Cool Roofs that worked on cooling and greening roofs throughout NYC). 

Ushma holds degrees from Georgetown University, Columbia University and Harvard University. She is certified as a TRUE Zero Waste Business Associate by GBCI. 

Sarah Currie-Halpern


Before forming Think Zero LLC, Sarah previously ran the Solid Waste and Zero Waste Programs for the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability (MOS). Her work focused on implementing the Zero Waste Plan by increasing commercial, school, and NYCHA composting and recycling, encouraging waste reduction, reuse, and donation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from waste, and developing/improving waste policy. She is responsible for the Zero Waste section of OneNYC and the Waste section of 80x50.

Sarah also ran the multi-agency Zero Waste Steering Committee, co-lead the OneNYC Water Fountain and Bottle Refiller Task Force, developed and lead the Mayor’s Zero Waste Challenge, and pushed forward groundbreaking work around light pollution.

Sarah is a steering committee member and Former Chair of the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB) and a Board Member of the College of the Atlantic, Earth Day Initiative, and the R Baby Foundation.

Sarah holds a B.S. from Boston University School of Management and a certificate from New York University. She is certified as a TRUE Zero Waste Business Associate.

Anna Sacks

 Anna is a Senior Associate at Think Zero LLC.

Prior to joining Think Zero, Anna spent seven months working on an organic farm in rural Connecticut, and two years at a global investment bank as an analyst.

Anna is a Master Composter, certified by the Lower East Side Ecology Center, and a rescuer at the food rescue nonprofit Rescuing Leftover Cuisine.

She has a B.A. from Columbia College.