Announcing SOON: a self-guided waste reduction/diversiOn program

Think Zero LLC is an innovative waste reduction, diversion, and zero waste consulting firm specializing in helping corporations and real estate owners and developers reach their waste reduction goals and meet or exceed all commercial waste-related laws. We are M/WBE certified by the City of New York. 

We take a comprehensive approach with our clients by:

  • Evaluating waste handling, vendor relationships, and procurement of goods to determine appropriate waste diversion practices
  • Finding opportunities to reduce, reuse, and divert materials
  • Identifying cost-saving measures that are beneficial to our clients’ wallets and the environment
  • Creating a holistic, high-touch diversion plan that incorporates training, marketing, and helpful processes for all working styles to understand

We look at zero waste as a means to not only reduce waste of materials but also an opportunity to address water waste, energy usage, and greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that every little bit (of avoided waste) counts, and that’s why we are working with businesses to make a meaningful impact everyday.

For examples of our past and current work, view our case studies.

What We Do

We enable organizations to achieve their environmental, financial, and social goals.


Partners and Expertise

Think Zero haulers staff tenants residents policy

We partner with waste and recycling haulers, donation centers, client staff, building tenants and residents, and policymakers to provide all-inclusive expertise.

Work with Government Regulations and Goals

nyc zero waste 0x30 think zero

New York City has committed to sending zero waste to landfill by 2030, a part of its larger 80x50 Climate Action Plan.

Contact Us

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